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51397 US Highway 69 S, Ste B
Bullard, Texas 75757
Mon-Wed:  10am - 3pm
Thurs:  Noon - 6pm
Friday:  10am - 2pm

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Welcome to A Joyful Thread, a mother-daughter owned and operated small business in East Texas.  We offer all the necessities for quilt making - a wide selection of quilt shop quality fabrics, wide backings and notions (thread, specialty rulers, patterns) to equip any skill level of quilter for success.  Abby provides the Longarm quilting services (Edge to Edge Computerized) with over 700 quilted and counting. 

We are a welcoming gathering place where fellow quilters can socialize and learn new techniques at our workshops and sew-ins.  We invite you to visit A Joyful Thread where you will be greeted with a smile and help to make your quilting experience fun, educational and creative.  We hope you will explore our online store and visit us for your quilting needs.

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A full day of sewing, laughter and good fellowship. Bring your unfinished projects U.F.O.s or start something new.

Cost: $ 10.00
A full day of sewing, laughter and good fellowship. Bring your unfinished projects U.F.O.s or start something new.

Cost: $ 10.00



NEW Challenge begins Tuesday, May 7th!
UFO Challenge
Win a gift card to A Joyful Thread!
Here’s the rules…
1. Pick one of your “Un-Finished Objects” to finish and tell us what it is. (ex. binding, borders, finishing a top)
2. Put $1.00 in the “betting box.” (A Joyful Thread will add $10.00)
3. Bring your completed challenge in or send us a picture before the next drawing and enter your name to win the pot!
The winner will be drawn and the next round started every 1st Tuesday of the month
(you may enter any time during the month)
Next drawing Tuesday, June 4, 2024.


Second Chance Fabric ~ Accepting Fabric Now
The Stash is growing . . .

We have decided to start a new venture in the shop. The idea came from a business called ‘Second Chance Fabrics’ and is something I have wanted to explore for quite a while now. With the cost of fabric rising plus the cost of living, this seemed like a good time to start. Our purpose is to offer more affordable prices through quilters’ trading in their ‘once loved’ fabric for cash or store credit.

Do you have more fabric than you will ever use? –Leftover fabric? –Taste in fabric change?
–Do you have fabric that makes you wonder why you bought it in the first place?

 Here’s how it works:

~AJT will only receive quilt shop quality fabric in excellent condition. Fabric with selvedge indicating the brand name. (ex: Moda, Kona, Wilmington, Hoffman, Timeless Treasures, Kaufman, Windham Fabrics, Benartex, Henry Glass, etc.) No Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or big box store fabric.

~All fabric will be checked for flaws, blemishes, stains, weird smells, pet fur or any other feature that would diminish the quality of the fabric. Fabric will be accepted based on our judgement of what will sell best in the shop.

~Fabric will be traded directly to AJT from other quilters, this is not yard sale, trash or estate sale fabric.

~All fabric is 44” wof unless otherwise labelled.

Below is the trade in payout list:

 Yardage: AJT will pay $2.00 cash per yard or $3.00 store credit (must be 1 yd min.)

Panels: (by the inch) – AJT will pay $2.00 cash per yard or $3.00 store credit
(ex: 24-inch panel = $1.34 cash / $2.00 store credit)
Layer Cakes: (=3 yds) – AJT will pay $6.00 cash or $9.00 store credit
Jelly Rolls: (=3 yds) – AJT will pay $6.00 cash or $9.00 store credit
Charm Packs: (=.75 yd) – AJT will pay $1.50 cash or $2.25 store credit
Fat Quarters: (18”x22”) – AJT will pay $0.50 cash or $0.75 store credit


SELL price in store for traded in fabrics:

Yardage: $7.00 per yard / 1 Yard Minimum
Panel: $4.67 (24-inch panel) – based on inches
Layer Cakes: $25.00
Jelly Rolls: $25.00
Charm Packs: $7.00
Fat Quarters: $1.75 each


You may bring your fabric to the shop anytime. Questions about trade ins please email Thank you.


A Joyful Thread is located on the West side of US Hwy 69 in Bullard, Texas
(2 miles S of the Bullard Brookshires)  (between Jacksonville & Tyler) 
Turn in when you see the FABRIC sign above!

Konfetti Thread by Wonderfil
Available in 60 beautiful colors:  50 wt - 200m (219 yd)

$3.45 each
Konfetti™ is a 50wt, 3-ply double-gassed and mercerized Egyptian cotton with a gorgeously soft, clean, and lustrous finish.
Free of any type of wax or coating that can cause build up in machines, this super low lint thread is a popular choice
for quilting and long arming due to its quality finish and low bulk.
* The process of double gassing involves burning off the lint from the thread two times, resulting in a much softer and cleaner finish.

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