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A Joyful Thread was in the Tyler Paper! 
My dad recommended us for a feel good story in the business section and we are very proud of the article!

Second Chance – Pre-Owned Fabric
We have decided to start a new venture in the shop. The idea came from a business called ‘Second Chance Fabrics’ and is something I have wanted to explore for quite a while now. With the cost of fabric rising plus the cost of living, this seemed like a good time to start. Our purpose is to offer more affordable prices through quilters’ trading in their ‘once loved’ fabric for cash or store credit.

Do you have more fabric than you will ever use? –Leftover fabric? –Taste in fabric change?
–Do you have fabric that makes you wonder why you bought it in the first place?

Here’s how it works:

~AJT will only receive quilt shop quality fabric in excellent condition. Fabric with selvedge indicating the brand name. (ex: Moda, Kona, Wilmington, Hoffman, Timeless Treasures, Kaufman, Windham Fabrics, Benartex, Henry Glass, etc.) No Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or big box store fabric.

~All fabric will be checked for flaws, blemishes, stains, weird smells, pet fur or any other feature that would diminish the quality of the fabric. Fabric will be accepted based on our judgement of what will sell best in the shop.

~Fabric will be traded directly to AJT from other quilters, this is not yard sale, trash or estate sale fabric.

~All fabric is 44” wof unless otherwise labelled.

Below is the trade in payout list:

               Yardage: AJT will pay $2.00 cash per yard or $3.00 store credit (must be 1 yd min.)

Panels: (by the inch) – AJT will pay $2.00 cash per yard or $3.00 store credit
(ex: 24-inch panel = $1.34 cash / $2.00 store credit)
Layer Cakes: (=3 yds) – AJT will pay $6.00 cash or $9.00 store credit
Jelly Rolls: (=3 yds) – AJT will pay $6.00 cash or $9.00 store credit
Charm Packs: (=.75 yd) – AJT will pay $1.50 cash or $2.25 store credit
Fat Quarters: (18”x22”) – AJT will pay $0.50 cash or $0.75 store credit


SELL price in store for traded in fabrics:

Yardage: $7.00 per yard / 1 Yard Minimum
Panel: $4.67 (24-inch panel) – based on inches
Layer Cakes: $25.00
Jelly Rolls: $25.00
Charm Packs: $7.00
Fat Quarters: $1.75 each


You may bring your fabric to the shop anytime. Questions about trade ins please email Thank you.


July 2023




Deal yourself a quilt challenge with these delightful blocks to create dynamic quilts. Collection of 50, 4" x 4" cards with 40 block combinations each featuring a unique quilt block on the front and cutting information on the back.



Check out some of the blocks we have made with fabric in the shop using the Quilt Builder Card Deck!


March 2023

March 2023

We had sew much fun with the Jelly Roll Race.  Congratulations to our winner with the black & white quilt top!  If you ever need a quick top for a gift or charity quilt, these can be made in 3 to 4 hours using any 2 1/2-inch Jelly Rolls.

Welcome to our first ever mini-blog!  Every week in the shop, quilters come & go, sharing their quilts, creative ideas, and informative experiences with fabrics & tools.

Along with new fabric, upcoming classes, and helpful techniques, we hope to bring you the creativity and inspiration shared with us by kindred quilters to sew beautiful quilts and projects, the sky’s the limit!

We hope you enjoy looking “Behind the Seams”—(even if they are a little wonky)—every week as we follow the Threads of our Lives!

Happy Stitching!

Joyfully, Jessica & Abby

April 2022

One of our Tuesday ladies brought in the cutest tote bags that she had made for her nieces. She graciously walked everyone through making their own special tote! The ladies made it in just a few hours with a half yard of each fabric. Here is the link to a YouTube tutorial - (our instructor simplified the pattern to avoid binding)  These little totes make quick gifts for friends & family.


April 2022

We had a fun class making the Carpenter Star quilt top using Triangles on a Roll which make perfect half square triangles.    We used the 6-inch finished half square triangles and followed a pattern by  In the shop we offer several different Triangles on a Roll sizes range from 2 1/2" finished to 6" finished half square triangles.  The pattern we chose only requires 2 contrasting fabrics and 1 background (one roll can make several quilt tops).  This is a great tool for beginning quilters because there are so many patterns you can create with half square triangles (pinwheels, diamonds, square in square . . )! 

Last year, a motor-coaching couple with over 30 years on the road together came in to find a pattern & fabric for her first quilt. We were so excited to help.

While picking out fabrics, she told us her daughter is a quilter and they were going to visit her and make the quilt together. In only four days, they whipped up a King-size quilt top!

They came back to show us the finished quilt, isn't it beautiful?
All the fabrics were from the shop and the pattern is from the ‘Easy Does It’ Patten book by Fabric Café (3-Yard Quilts)
She chose all the blues with Grey Vapor Rustic Weave by Moda and her husband chose the ‘GLOW’ by Chong-a Hwang for a floral inner border, the black really made it pop!